Sunday, February 03, 2013

Using up Low Balance VISA Gift Cards

You have a $25 VISA gift card and after some purchases, there's now $1.17 left on it. How do you use it up? You can't get a Starbucks coffee with that, and it's a low enough amount that you (ok, I) would not be comfortable asking a server to put towards a restaurant bill.

I recently received my Square credit card reader, and it just occurred to me that this would be a good way to transfer the remaining balance to my bank account! Turns out other people think so too. I think the only constraint is that the minimum payment Square takes is $1.

Another thought was to donate these odd balances to charity, and I found a reference for that too. Not sure if all charities would allow these.

Finally, figure out what to do with these balances early! I dug up two cards I had from two years ago, checked their balances, and they're all empty now. It turns out the fine print says that a $2 maintenance fee will be deduced starting seven months after the card purchase.