Sunday, September 23, 2007

Police Recruit Graduation at Mewata Armouries

Kevin graduated from CPS Class #169 on Friday at Mewata Armouries. I've never actually been inside before, so it was pretty neat. Too bad I only realized you can go upstairs for a better view after the ceremony.

Class Photo Friends Attending the Ceremony Kevin Mingling

The mayor was there, the press was there, ... so it was a pretty big deal. Congratulations Kevin!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Outdoor Paintball

Johnson invited me to play paintball with his classmates and friends. It was my first time and it was pretty good! We went to an outdoor field east of Cochrane and played around four games.

Johnson with Paintball Gun Eric with Paintball Gun

What appears to be "plenty" of old tires and trees for cover quickly turns out to be inadequate for this beginner -- there never seems to be an appropriate "next cover" to move to.

Getting hit was actually not that bad, although I don't think any of my hits were from up close. One in the arm, one on a finger, one grazed my leg, and one in my back. It's all good.

For $52, I got camouflage coveralls (less worries about getting paint on your clothes and awesome for sliding and crawling around on the grass), paintball mask (gets hot, slides around on your face, and doesn't work all that great with glasses... but you need it), a gun (in this case a Level 2), and paintballs (400 for this price). Unlimited compressed air top-up's, free hot dogs, and free water/crystal-drinks.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Snowing Upwards

I'm not sure if everyone who lives in Calgary gets a chance to see this, so I took a video back in 2007/03. It shows snow "falling" upwards, which is pretty neat. This was taken from the 28th floor in a downtown building.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Trip Out East

August 2007: Johnson and I flew out to Toronto to visit Rob and Jeremy. It was a week of hanging out, doing stuff, sight-seeing, good food, and most importantly -- good friends. Some highlights...

A Dodge Callebaut (Dodge Caliber) as a rental car (Rob also called out a Mitsubishi Galaxy [Gallant]). The Caliber sounded really weird when you give it more gas, until we figured out that it has a continuous-variable transmission.

Johnson Fiddling with Rob's iPod

I cooked lunch one day and no one was poisoned. Johnson cooked for us that night:

Johnson's Parmesan Chicken Johnson's Spaghetti with Mushroom Tomato Sauce

Johnson and I downloaded as many crappy demos as we could find on Rob's Xbox 360.

Rob Back from Eavesdropping on Neighbours Talking

We went to see Jeremy win a hockey game at Rinx:

Jeremy After His Game

Drove to Montreal. Actually, we managed to drive right through Montreal by accident, and had to turn back to get to our hotel.

Clouds Just for Laughs in Montreal Rob in Montreal's Chinatown Rob and Johnson enroute to Old Port Rob and Johnson in the Old Port Old Port in Montreal Rob and Johnson on the Montreal Harbour Tour Rob and Johnson on the Montreal Harbour Tour Metropolitain Park Statue AGA Shop Building by McGill Johnson and Rob Wrestling

We stayed right by the Guy Favreau Complex, and thus was born Rob's favourite French phrase ever:

Thanking Guy Favreau with Starbucks

Went to Centre Island in Toronto:

Johnson, Rob, and Jeremy on the Centre Island Ferry Johnson, Rob, and Jeremy at the Centre Island Amusement Park Busy Centre Island Centre Island Maze Centre Island Manitou Beach Jeremy, Rob, and Johnson at the Centre Island Pier Rob, Johnson, and Jeremy on the Centre Island Pier Centre Island Lighthouse Rob, Johnson, and Jeremy on the Centre Island Ferry

Being challenged by the maze on the island:

Rob denies plugging up Jeremy's toilet:

Getting wet at Niagara Falls:

Rob at Niagara Falls Niagara FallsJohnson at Niagara Falls Johnson and Rob Behind the FallsEric and Rob Behind the Falls Johnson and Rob Getting Wet Together

And basically, our whole trip was 'sponsored' by Starbucks... I'm pretty sure we had at least one a day. :-)